Draco Bikes will be temporarily closed from March 3rd through March 9th.
Any new orders that come in March 2nd after 1:00 pm will not be shipped until January 10th.
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About Us

Scott working hard at Draco Bikes logo
Scott working hard at Draco Bikes

Draco Bikes came from humble beginnings. Founders Scott Gilow and Louise Manning created the company after seeing a need for unique and quality bikes and parts. Scott is a proficient off-road racer and can often be found at bike events with his “bike” family. Louise has carried a passion for riding that is contagious.

The company has grown by creating a powerhouse team around them to handle different aspects of the business. Their team members have been here for years nurturing and developing their departments to meet the demands of growth.

Draco Bikes’ mission is to provide a positive friend and family relationship where individuals can grow and participate in the ongoing growth the company experiences. Draco Bikes is rooted in these core values.

With the mission in mind, it is the company’s desire to provide customer service and product selection that is second-to-none in the biking industry. To achieve this goal, Draco Bikes must be geared to accept and embrace change.

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